Sanikill Technology

In order to carry out effective control of Legionella it is essential to adopt continuous treatment of a system. Alternative technologies employ disinfection methods based on the dosage of chlorine (hypochlorite) or chlorine dioxide. However, these strong oxidizers can cause widespread and frequent events of premature plumbing degradation, with serious consequences to the building’s piping infrastructure.

Thanks to the strong experience gained over 25 years, Sanipur’s Research and Development Group developed the Sanikill technology in 2008. It is the most effective system against Legionella and other waterborne pathogens while not aggressive to piping. Sanikill technology is based on the on site production and accurate dosage of monochloramine in the water distribution systems.

SANIKILL One applications

SANIKILL units are suitable for standard applications:

  • Large nursing homes
  • Medium and Large Hospitals
  • Condominium complexes
  • University dormitories

Monochloramine is a more stable oxidant if compared to other chlorine-based products, like chlorine and chlorine dioxide. This feature ensures:

  • Stability in the water distribution system
  • Better ability to penetrate biofilm
  • compatibility with all piping materials
  • minimizes formation of disinfection by-products

Sanikill’s patented technology is based on a totally automated, remotely monitored system of on site monochloramine production, provided with the highest safety standards. The electronic control unit, controlled by our patented dosage management software, guarantees the highest yield of final product.

Sanipur’s Research & Development Division has developed an optimized monochloramine production system. Such optimization is guaranteed by the precise geometry of a special generation chamber that allows an excellent precursor mixing, strongly reducing the potential production of disinfectant by-products (DBPs) such as: ammonium, THM (trihalomethanes), HAA (haloacetic acids), N-nitrosamine (NDMA) and others.


SANIKILL-Lite and the Monochloramine Generator

SANIKILL – Lite, monochloramine for small applications, ensures maximum efficiency against Legionella and other waterborne pathogens.

It is equipped with a 24/7 remote control system that ensures a continuous data recording.

The unit is designed with latest generation safety features (flow sensors and switches, level sensors and backpressure valves).

When compared with the most common disinfectant currently used in the fight against Legionella, SANIKILL the monochloramine generator is the most effective in reducing the presence of this and other waterborne pathogens.

SANIKILL for standard applications: specifications

Maximum monochloramine production range60 (0.13 lbs/h) to
800 (1.76 lbs/h)
Maximum operating temperature60° C (140° F)
Maximum operating pressure5 to 8 bar
(70 to 110 psi)
Electrical protection rateIP65
Unit size40” x 34” x 15.50”
Power supply220 Vac 50 Hz
(110 Vac 60 Hz)
Power consumptionMax 500 W
MaterialsPVDF for US
Reagents to be usedEnoxin P10
Zebion 50 or 62 S