GreenTech Product

GreenTech Products

GreenTech Purified Tannin Technology

  • Reduces overall boiler operating costs
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces water and sewer costs
  • Reduces manual labor

GreenTech for Boiler Water Treatment

This unique product will pay for itself by reducing boiler operating costs, reducing application complexity while offering a green-friendly technology. Tried and proven, this technology has been successfully used in many applications including dairies, feed mills, textile facilities, plastic recycling, rendering plants, and food processing. Ask about our case studies!

Conserve Resources & Increase Efficiency

Comply with your corporate resource reduction initiatives and reduce your fuel bill at the same time. GreenTech PT treatments will reduce blowdown rate and
clean-up your dirty boiler and consequently you will reduce fuel usage, water & sewer costs and associated chemical usage.

Save Money without Capital

Improve your boiler room efficiency without investing in any capital expenses on both your old and new boilers. Lower your annual cost of operations on day one while utilizing existing equipment and realize an immediate return-on-investment.

Environmentally Friendly & Safe

Comply with your corporate green initiatives by replacing your existing steam boiler chemicals with a natural and biodegradable product made with high performance puried tannin (PT) technology. Reduce carbon emissions with a green and non-toxic treatment that is safe for your staff and the environment.

Simplify Your Operation

Benefit from the simplicity of feed and control. Our services and reporting tools will ease your job. Our initial energy analysis clearly summarizes potential savings while regular service visits ensure successful applications. You will need less staff time to perform routine boiler operations-related duties.

Benefit from Experienced Water Treatment Professionals

We’ve been servicing boiler rooms every day for many years, and we bring the expertise of solving difficult problems to you. On-site system analysis and regular training of your staff targets full cycle improvement.