Gurney Water Treatment NE industrial and commercial water treatment services for boilers, HVAC systems, and process cooling and heating systems.

Integrated treatment programs for:

data-centersDATA CENTERS

We provide full service programs for financial institutions, insurance companies and telecommunication companies for their critical cooling needs as well as comfort cooling and heating. We are well aware of the industry’s 24/7 uninterrupted operating requirements and work within those demands.

Maintaining temperature control for data storage is paramount in these environments. Whether using mechanical chilling, Leibert units or heat pump systems, we have a program that optimizes efficiency and provides superior protection.

commercial propertiesCOMMERCIAL

Currently servicing a wide variety of companies from light commercial with comfort cooling and heating requirements to large commercial companies with critical cooling/heating needs.

We have substantial experience creating successful programs for heat pump systems, evaporative condenser cooling towers, glycol loops and DX cooling systems requiring water treatment. We have addressed specific individualized tenant requirements in areas such as: high-purity water, wastewater and process heating and cooling.


Whether dealing with a central utility plant or remote individual building systems, we provide services for a large number of educational institutions. From ice rinks to small data centers/server rooms to swimming pools to potable, we cover them all. We can assist with any high-purity water and wastewater requirements.

convention centersCONVENTION CENTERS

Comfort cooling and event cooling systems are the norm for traditional convention centers. We custom design service programs to manage the year round activities as well as the intermittent heavy load demands of major events. We have specially formulated treatment products available to minimize corrosion while open cooling systems are idled.


We provide comprehensive programs for comfort cooling and heating as well as glycol systems. We also help develop programs for odor control and food grease trap maintenance. Additionally we also manage the water quality requirements for spas, saunas, and swimming pools as well as decorative water features/fountains.


City Halls, Town Halls, Military Facilities, Courthouses to name a few. We provide Full Service Water Treatment programs including corrosion studies and biotesting with Legionella Screening. We offer 24/7 password protected direct access to Gurney service reports and trend analyses for your in-house system evaluation.

We also offer control equipment that allows remote viewing and automated alarms at multiple computers, smart phones and/or tablets.


We have considerable experience providing full service custom programs for both central utility plants and remote individual building systems. Our programs include specialized cooling tower oxidizing biocides including bromination, chlorine dioxide and ozone generator applicators. These help control all microbial growth and reduce the risk of Legionella pneumophila. We also can assist on high-purity water and wastewater treatment needs to provide a full range control program.


Many manufacturers including Pharma, Plastics, Glass products, Metal Plating, High Tech Electronics, Concrete products, Paper industry, etc. require us to provide full service custom programs to maintain water quality on their process cooling and heating systems as well as their comfort cooling and heating systems.

This includes corrosion studies and biotesting with Legionella screening. We offer 24/7 password protected direct access to Gurney service reports and trend analyses for your in-house system evaluation.

We can also provide and install control equipment that allows remote viewing and automated alarms at multiple computers, smart phones and/or tablets.


Water features i.e. decorative, interactive and viewing fountains, pools and waterfalls require specialized treatment to control biomass. We use proven technology to manage these high profile installations in order to provide a safe environment as well as a sparkling, clean appearance.

Ice arenas require experience with critical cooling open evaporative and closed loop systems which match up to brine or ammonia based closed loop cooling systems. We have serviced a wide variety of operations including nationally recognized venues for over 20 years.

Food and BeveragesFOOD AND BEVERAGES

From food processing and cold storage to restaurants to bakeries to breweries, we provide custom developed programs to manage non-contact and live steam processes as well as water based and glycol based cooling systems. We have water treatment and glycol products formulated especially to meet FDA requirements. We can also handle your needs for odor control and food grease trap maintenance.

We integrate the best available technology – both chemical and mechanical – so as to provide our customers with superior results with the most efficient and cost-effective programs available.